Keep your soil and lawn healthy with lawn aeration.

Lawn aeration is key for healthy soil and a great looking lawn.

Aerating your yard allows nutrients to fill the soil so your grass can develop stronger roots.

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What Is Core Aeration?

A core aerator is a machine that uses hollow tines to remove plugs or cores from your soil.

This reduces soil compaction and allows oxygen, water and nutrients to enter the soil and create healthy roots.

Lawn Aeration

We Offer Liquid Aeration

There are many benefits to liquid aeration vs. core aeration.

You can learn more about liquid aeration here.

Why Aerate My Lawn?

Every type of lawn can benefit from aeration.

One of the main reasons to aerate in our area is that most of the newer homes have very little top soil in the yard.

Over time, these yards begin to wash out or become too hard for grass to grow.

When Do I Aerate?

Warm season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia should be aerated when they are growing. This is usually between April and July.

Cool season grasses such as Fescue are normally aerated in the fall. Many people also seed at this time if they are not applying a fall pre-emergent.

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