Pet waste removal starting at $7 weekly.

We offer pet waste removal services for residents in Cary, Morrisville, Apex and Chatham.

Keeping your entire yard clean and free of pet waste has never been easier.

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Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Pet Waste Removal Service

Tired of your yard being poopy?! When you sign up with us, we’ll stop by every week or every other week to clean up your yard and take care of you pet’s waste. You can expect us to show up on the same day each week! We’ll text you to let you know we’re coming.

Enjoy Your Yard Again

Pet waste can make it difficult to enjoy your yard. Excessive pet waste in your yard can cause odors, damage your lawn, and increase unwanted bugs and pests. We keep your yard free of pet waste so you can enjoy it and spend more time outside!

We Also Clean Your Patio, Deck, and Walkways

In addition to removing the waste from your yard, we blow off your hard surfaces including patios, porches, decks, and walkways.

How It Works

You can sign up for service weekly or twice each month. We scoop and double-bag your pet’s waste. Next, we place it in your outside garbage can for weekly pickup. Then, we blow off your patio, deck, porch and walkways so you can enjoy!

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